2018 Accomplishments

The past few years have been challenging, to say the least. 2016 I realized my marriage was going to end, I was suicidal and depressed. 2017 I relocated, cocooned myself to protect, love and rebuild my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, mourn the loss of my marriage and decide on a course of action…… Continue reading 2018 Accomplishments

Wertfrei Wednesday: One Month Down

The first month of 2015 is gone and we’re well into February. Time to talk about those healthy choices you’ve made earlier on in January. Whatever you chose to do to improve your life, now is the time to take stock and review what you have done. What steps have you made? The Three main…… Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: One Month Down

Wertfrei Wednesday: Choices

Week two into 2015, have you been making better choices for yourself this year? Last week we talked about making better choices, not resolutions. Resolutions are fine and dandy, but we all know they don’t hold water in the long run. What choices am I talking about? Small, achievable ones. What I’m talking about is…… Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: Choices

Happy Humpday Pic: Looking Up! Achieving resolution milestones.

This picture was taken from the inner courtyard of a building I lived in, my apartment the upper right open window.  There was a grand view of  Elliott Bay in Seattle Sound, I could see the cruise ships on their shore leave.  During certain months of the year, I could see the Naval ships docking…… Continue reading Happy Humpday Pic: Looking Up! Achieving resolution milestones.