Tech Tuesday: Palm Reading Every company, from banks, computer makers, hospitals, corporations are looking for new ways for data security.  They have tried numerous password combinations, finger print security scanners, eye/retinal scanners and now palm scanners, claiming “no two are alike”. Where have we heard that before? Maybe this new security will add to the previous ones, making…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Palm Reading

Tech Tuesday: Changing Email

Ah Google-the ubiquitous ‘everything-everywhere-allthetime’ ecosystem/software/OS, everything-to-everybody. When they first came out people thought that Google was the answer to everything.  Instant email account that was free, easy to set up, easy to add to accounts, newsletters, banks, etc. Then shortened to GMail. I switched as well, ever one of my online accounts, from social media,…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Changing Email

Tech Tuesday: MyPermissions

  Description Do you know how many apps and services have permission to access your private info? What about how often those services access your data? Protect yourself from unknowingly sharing photos, documents, locations, contacts, emails, or any other sensitive information. Use MyPermissions and take back control of your privacy!✔ Scan your major online accounts…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: MyPermissions