Men’s Fashion: Backpacks

  Backpacks have long been men's ubiquitous go-to bag in life. Whether to carry gym clothes and shoes, papers and items for work, lunch and music, the backpack became men's lifeline. I have said before I do not care for backpacks but I have used before. The long, deep package can be a nightmare, when … Continue reading Men’s Fashion: Backpacks

Beware Online Shopping

Usually shopping online is risk-free, using Amazon and eBay. But lately, there are a few unscrupulous vendors that slightly misrepresent their product enough they are legal. I'm usually a savvy shopper but this shows the best of us can be taken advantage of. Of course, the big boys, amazon and ebay completely shut themselves off … Continue reading Beware Online Shopping

November Update for gofundme Cookbook

  Here we are, over a month into the fundraiser for "The Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook" and so far 13 friends have been generous enough to dig deep to bring the total so far to $445! What is it? The "Simple, Healthy, Fresh" cookbook series and way of life are about low-carb, low-sodium cooking, nothing … Continue reading November Update for gofundme Cookbook

Monday Book Review: The New Parent’s Magazine Family Cookbook Hopefully you can read the author's preface in this picture, as Amazon didn't have one in their description, nor could I find one online, so I had to take a picture for you.   This edition is from 1963 and reads as such. It comes from a time when a parent (usually the Mother) could … Continue reading Monday Book Review: The New Parent’s Magazine Family Cookbook

Monday Book Review: Double Review! Small booklet, 52 pages, of the author's personal account of her family's poverty and feeding them for $200 per month. More of a diary/account of how bad her family had life. Gives generic advice, not much new. Another personal account of poverty and feeding a family of seven for $200/month or so, … Continue reading Monday Book Review: Double Review!