Men’s Fashion: Backpacks

  Backpacks have long been men’s ubiquitous go-to bag in life. Whether to carry gym clothes and shoes, papers and items for work, lunch and music, the backpack became men’s lifeline. I have said before I do not care for backpacks but I have used before. The long, deep package can be a nightmare, when…… Continue reading Men’s Fashion: Backpacks

Beware Online Shopping

Usually shopping online is risk-free, using Amazon and eBay. But lately, there are a few unscrupulous vendors that slightly misrepresent their product enough they are legal. I’m usually a savvy shopper but this shows the best of us can be taken advantage of. Of course, the big boys, amazon and ebay completely shut themselves off…… Continue reading Beware Online Shopping

November Update for gofundme Cookbook

  Here we are, over a month into the fundraiser for “The Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook” and so far 13 friends have been generous enough to dig deep to bring the total so far to $445! What is it? The “Simple, Healthy, Fresh” cookbook series and way of life are about low-carb, low-sodium cooking, nothing…… Continue reading November Update for gofundme Cookbook

Monday Book Review: The New Parent’s Magazine Family Cookbook Hopefully you can read the author’s preface in this picture, as Amazon didn’t have one in their description, nor could I find one online, so I had to take a picture for you.   This edition is from 1963 and reads as such. It comes from a time when a parent (usually the Mother) could…… Continue reading Monday Book Review: The New Parent’s Magazine Family Cookbook

Monday Book Review: Double Review! Small booklet, 52 pages, of the author’s personal account of her family’s poverty and feeding them for $200 per month. More of a diary/account of how bad her family had life. Gives generic advice, not much new. Another personal account of poverty and feeding a family of seven for $200/month or so,…… Continue reading Monday Book Review: Double Review!