HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Feeling the warmth from the holiday candles and feast, so sharing all three books! From now until January 1st, all three books will be free! The codes are only good on Smashwords, as I cannot get free codes for any other ebook eretailer, however, smashwords has every ereader format available, with free downloads … Continue reading HAPPY HOLIDAYS and FREE EBOOKS!

“Unrelated: A Selection of Short Stories” made it to Smashwords’ Premium catalog!

"Unrelated: A Selection of Short Stories" made it to Smashwords' Premium catalog! The collection has been submitted to Amazon's KDP catalog, along with the revised edition of "Aside of Murder".  So those of you with kindles that would like a direct download from amazon will have the choice, after its approved. The cookbook is with … Continue reading “Unrelated: A Selection of Short Stories” made it to Smashwords’ Premium catalog!

New: Selection of Short Stories Available

https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/215298 Published a selection of unrelated short stories on Smashwords of mine, "Unrelated 1.0" for those that want a peek at other work of mine. It is a collection of 5 short stories, over 2800 words, for $2.49, in all of the formats that Smashwords offers.  I do like writing in the format of short … Continue reading New: Selection of Short Stories Available

Anthony Doerr wins Story Prize

> By Chris Michaud, Anthony Doerr's "Memory Wall" is this year's winner of the Story Prize for best short fiction. Doerr will receive $20,000, prize organizers announced Wednesday. The other two finalists were Yiyun Li's "Gold Boy, Emerald Girl" and Suzanne Rivecca's "Death Is Not an Option." Previous winners of the Story Prize, founded in 2004, … Continue reading Anthony Doerr wins Story Prize