Last First Friday Free Recipe

Bringing you free recipes from my cookbook, “SImple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0” this last year has been fun!  I know a lot of you have enjoyed the recipes and hopefully, the healthy nutrition along with them.  Last month I showed the Top 4 recipes from the past 7 days and 90 days, this month, I”ll bring…… Continue reading Last First Friday Free Recipe

First Friday Free Recipe Recap

The First Friday Free Recipe post has been going on for almost a year now and it’s become a popular post with readers. The recipes are from my first cookbook, “Simple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0” and came from all sections of the cookbook, from Starters to Main courses and then side dishes. Some were more popular…… Continue reading First Friday Free Recipe Recap

First Friday Free Recipe: White Spinach Salad

This month’s recipe from “Simple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0” is White Spinach Salad. Sometimes during these hot summer months when the heat is just too much to stand over a hot range, steaming your face in an already humid environment, you want something light, refreshing and easy to serve. Salads are a great summer lunch or…… Continue reading First Friday Free Recipe: White Spinach Salad

First Friday Free Recipe: GUMBO

Apologies for posting the free recipe late this month but I believe you’ll forgive me as I was getting over Metapnuemovirus . Now, onto the post. From the Chapter introduction to Soups, “Simple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0”: I love soups!  Soups are a best friend to diabetics and those looking to lose weight. You control what…… Continue reading First Friday Free Recipe: GUMBO

Healthy Thursday: Healthy Cooking

  In last week’s post, I asked ‘what is health?’  and I responded it’s healthy cooking/eating and healthy exercise. Of course, that is the basic understanding. There are so many factors that go into ‘health’, that I could not possibly explain it in one little post.  Taking care of oneself, to the best of their…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Healthy Cooking

First Friday Free Recipe: Ratatouille

•Tonight’s Ratatouille! Hope you can see all the vibrant colors. •Choose firm, shiny eggplant. Less likely to be bruised and seedy. •Use tons of garlic!  When baked or cooked, it’s sweet. There are about as many ways to make Ratatouille as there are cooks and chefs in the world.  There is baked, steamed and simmered,…… Continue reading First Friday Free Recipe: Ratatouille

First Friday Free Recipe: Carrot and Beef Spaghetti

  What a great way to bulk up a spaghetti sauce!     Use whatever ground meat or mix that you have and add the shredded carrots to either marinara, ground beef, turkey, sausage, chicken, goat, lamb, etc. I use regular ground beef.  Great way to get picky adults and kids to eat healthier! Since meats are…… Continue reading First Friday Free Recipe: Carrot and Beef Spaghetti

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope your 2012 was happy and successful and may your 2013 be intriguing and peaceful. Love the rainbow fireworks celebrating Marriage Equality in Washington State last year.  It’s about time all Americans were treated equally in the eyes of the law.  Now for Federal Recognition! Also recognized was Marijuana legalization with…… Continue reading Happy 2013!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Feeling the warmth from the holiday candles and feast, so sharing all three books! From now until January 1st, all three books will be free! The codes are only good on Smashwords, as I cannot get free codes for any other ebook eretailer, however, smashwords has every ereader format available, with free downloads…… Continue reading HAPPY HOLIDAYS and FREE EBOOKS!

First Friday Free Recipe: Low-Carb Green Bean Casserole

Ah, what would the holidays be without the ubiquitous Green Bean casserole?  Each food company, national chef and home cook has their own version of this holiday treat.  There are as many recipes available as there are opinions! They range from a simple three-point simple, 3-can recipe to a 30-step recipe  that entails rare and hard to…… Continue reading First Friday Free Recipe: Low-Carb Green Bean Casserole