Decoy Phone

With high-end smartphones costing upwards to $1,000+ these days, just whipping out your phone to check the time or jot down a note could cost you your life. Especially in medium and larger cities, criminals would think nothing of grabbing and running with your month’s rent worth of phone, or worse, stabbing you in broad…… Continue reading Decoy Phone

Happy Healthy 2017!

  Happy Healthy 2017! Welcome to the new year, everyone! 2016 is behind us, which I  believe we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Last year was trying for most everyone. We can put the past behind us and look forward. Instead of making new years resolutions, try making New Year Lifestyle Changes. 2017…… Continue reading Happy Healthy 2017!

Tech Tuesday: Blackberry Leap and Curve

Bless Blackberry’s corporate heart.  They certainly aren’t going down without a fight these days. Long wanting to recapture their youth, they have put forth a plethora of new smartphones in every budget and range. The two I’ll show you are the Leap and Curve. They are calling the Leap an entry-level smartphone for young up-and-comers,…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Blackberry Leap and Curve

Tech Tuesday: Ars reviews the BlackBerry Passport, the corporate tool A few months ago, I brought this to your attention as a decidedly different type of smartphone. The BlackBerry Passport is big, bulky with a smushed keyboard.  And I want one! As a hearing impaired individual, I do not do a whole lot of calling, chatting, listening-I like to text. However, not one of…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Ars reviews the BlackBerry Passport, the corporate tool

Tech Tuesday: BlackBerry Passport

From BlackBerry never appealed to me, having always been a Nokia Man, however this new Passport really captured my attention. Nice big screen for writing, working on spreadsheets, qwerty keyboard-it looks like a workhorse. The first thing you notice about the Passport is the large square screen. Blackberry states: Just as a PASSPORT is the universal symbol…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: BlackBerry Passport

Tech Tuesday: Amazon Fire 3-D Smartphone

The most anticipated 3-D smartphone has arrived for the masses to purview. Has it lived up to your expectations?  Michael A. Prospero, Reviews Editor over on Fox News Tech has a more in depth analysis than mine, from which I borrowed.  Here are his 7 top features, I paraphrased: 1. Design: it looks like a…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Amazon Fire 3-D Smartphone

Tech Tuesday: Smartphone Malware

Do you dock your smartphone to your computer or tablet to update? Well, heads up, there is a new threat. Thieves have now developed a new way to steal passwords and pins. We’ve talked before about malware, viruses sent over the air, now they are targeting smartphones in an old fashioned way. According to  Zach Epstein over…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Smartphone Malware

Why I gave up my smartphone

The moment I bought the smartphone, with it’s touch screen and plethora of apps available, I thought it was love at first sight. Then, over the course of a two-year locked-in cell phone contract, the love affair began to wane. New, faster, better models came out within two weeks, some cheaper than mine. I discovered…… Continue reading Why I gave up my smartphone

Tech Tuesday: Nokia Set to Announce Keyboard Phone

    From Engadget : Official teasers rarely provide much in the way of detail, but this one from Nokia at least comes with a pretty picture. It reveals the rounded design language we have come to associate with the company’s latest feature phones, but with Z and Shift keys that imply we’re looking at a physical QWERTY handset…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Nokia Set to Announce Keyboard Phone