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Decoy Phone

With high-end smartphones costing upwards to $1,000+ these days, just whipping out your phone to check the time or jot down a note could cost you your life. Especially in medium and larger… Continue reading

Happy Healthy 2017!

  Happy Healthy 2017! Welcome to the new year, everyone! 2016 is behind us, which I  believe we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Last year was trying for most everyone. We… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Blackberry Leap and Curve

Bless Blackberry’s corporate heart.  They certainly aren’t going down without a fight these days. Long wanting to recapture their youth, they have put forth a plethora of new smartphones in every budget and… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Ars reviews the BlackBerry Passport, the corporate tool

http://tpt.to/a4V3kN6 A few months ago, I brought this to your attention as a decidedly different type of smartphone. The BlackBerry Passport is big, bulky with a smushed keyboard.  And I want one! As… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: BlackBerry Passport

From http://blogs.blackberry.com/2014/07/passport-design/ BlackBerry never appealed to me, having always been a Nokia Man, however this new Passport really captured my attention. Nice big screen for writing, working on spreadsheets, qwerty keyboard-it looks like a… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Amazon Fire 3-D Smartphone

The most anticipated 3-D smartphone has arrived for the masses to purview. Has it lived up to your expectations?  Michael A. Prospero, Reviews Editor over on Fox News Tech has a more in… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Smartphone Malware

Do you dock your smartphone to your computer or tablet to update? Well, heads up, there is a new threat. Thieves have now developed a new way to steal passwords and pins. We’ve… Continue reading

Why I gave up my smartphone

The moment I bought the smartphone, with it’s touch screen and plethora of apps available, I thought it was love at first sight. Then, over the course of a two-year locked-in cell phone… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Nokia Set to Announce Keyboard Phone

    From Engadget : Official teasers rarely provide much in the way of detail, but this one from Nokia at least comes with a pretty picture. It reveals the rounded design language we have come… Continue reading