Back Online

After months and months of no internet, I’m finally online with CenturyLink’s Internet Basics (Thank you Nicole!).  What has been going on in my life? In a nutshell, divorce, the flu, Bell’s Palsy, a cross-state move to a Washington State Island, debt, sparse apartment–but it’s all mine. I’ve updated software/OS on two old windows computers,…… Continue reading Back Online

Brick ONeil Product Review: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8

Fire HD 8, 8″ HD Display The Fire HD 8 from Amazon has been in my hands for a few weeks now and I’ve used many of the features. Overall, Amazon did a great job providing a basic, entry-level ereader+ for $149 ($165 + tax). If you’re expecting the performance of a Pro Plus Tablet…… Continue reading Brick ONeil Product Review: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8

Upgraded to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge!

  After two or three years of using a tiny 2 1/2″ downgraded feature phone, I finally was able to upgrade to a 6″ smartphone. I researched and seriously thought of getting a Microsoft Windows Phone, but Microsoft stopped making the Nokia Lumia 1520 (the one I really wanted), so I ended up staying with…… Continue reading Upgraded to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge!

Tech Tuesday: Scarcity of Humans   Well, it’s getting closer and closer! Humans out of any type of service, health or food worker jobs. Machines are getting cheaper, faster and don’t complain about hazards, health care or hours. No overtime gripes, no sexual harassment claims, no personal time. This is an employer’s dream come true. I’ve brought you stories…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Scarcity of Humans

Tech Tuesday: Cicret Bracelet Computer

Saw this amazing concept computer over the weekend across several tech news apps and knew I had to show it to you on my Tech Tuesday post. But first, a sly update with the Blackberry Passport. Seems they are hearing their detractors and wrote a rebuttal, of sorts. Their response is 11 Things Wrong with the…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Cicret Bracelet Computer

Tech Tuesday: Favorite Technology

This past year we’ve seen a lot of new technology, so much so that keeping track has been difficult. There have been 3D printers, new casts for broken limbs even creating new organs in a lab for transplant.  Which have been your favorite Tech Tuesday posts? A simple google search found all the posts.

Tech Tuesday: Palm Reading Every company, from banks, computer makers, hospitals, corporations are looking for new ways for data security.  They have tried numerous password combinations, finger print security scanners, eye/retinal scanners and now palm scanners, claiming “no two are alike”. Where have we heard that before? Maybe this new security will add to the previous ones, making…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Palm Reading

No Monday Book Review

  Apologies for no Monday Book Review.  The past week I’ve been working on marketing the Cookbook, making changes to this website and writing the third novel in the Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries Series.  Made changes to my facebook pages, my personal one is closed but the two book series pages are open to…… Continue reading No Monday Book Review