Tech Tuesday: Solidoodle Press 3-D printer

  Saw this article over on Engadget and was awed at how home-friendly this 3-D printer was.  Imagine printing your own kitchen utensils, bicycle parts or even personal usb fan! I can imagine there are more uses, such as home medical uses, hobbyists-model airplanes, superhero models, maybe pet toys and so forth. This is from Solidoodle’s…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Solidoodle Press 3-D printer

Tech Tuesday: Microsoft dumps Nokia Staff

from As I’ve said numerous times the past few years, Poor Nokia! First they lose marketshare due to their pig-headedness in refusing to move with the times. Slow, buggy software in bright, attractive cases and exhorbitantly over-priced. They never learned, much to their regret (?). Then to have a fox-wearing-sheepskin CEO directly from Microsoft,…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Microsoft dumps Nokia Staff

Tech Tuesday: Aerogel

from For a few years now, there have been articles here and there about this substance that looks like solid smoke, something from Wonderland or Neverland.  Are your eyes playing tricks on you?  Is it an Onion piece? No, this is an actual substance that has been created by people vastly smarter than me.…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Aerogel

Tech Tuesday: BlackBerry Passport

From BlackBerry never appealed to me, having always been a Nokia Man, however this new Passport really captured my attention. Nice big screen for writing, working on spreadsheets, qwerty keyboard-it looks like a workhorse. The first thing you notice about the Passport is the large square screen. Blackberry states: Just as a PASSPORT is the universal symbol…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: BlackBerry Passport

Tech Tuesday: Nokia X2

From Nokia had always been my favorite phone maker, my first Nokia being the 232 back in the day. I used that all over the United States, travelling thousands of miles across and up and down the country-before text messaging!  Though this was back when I still had my hearing. I ended up donating that…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Nokia X2

Tech Tuesday: Amazon Fire 3-D Smartphone

The most anticipated 3-D smartphone has arrived for the masses to purview. Has it lived up to your expectations?  Michael A. Prospero, Reviews Editor over on Fox News Tech has a more in depth analysis than mine, from which I borrowed.  Here are his 7 top features, I paraphrased: 1. Design: it looks like a…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Amazon Fire 3-D Smartphone

Tech Tuesday: MyPermissions

  Description Do you know how many apps and services have permission to access your private info? What about how often those services access your data? Protect yourself from unknowingly sharing photos, documents, locations, contacts, emails, or any other sensitive information. Use MyPermissions and take back control of your privacy!✔ Scan your major online accounts…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: MyPermissions

Tech Tuesday: Amazon’s Rumored 3-D Phone

First up is this rumored 3-D smart phone by Amazon!  The above picture is courtesy of Boy Genius via NBC. The leaked pictures, which show the phone disguised in a thick case, indicate that the most recent whispers, of multiple cameras and a 3-D interface, appear to be correct. In addition to a normal selfie…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Amazon’s Rumored 3-D Phone

Tech Tuesday: Microimplant Smaller than Grain of Rice

    Medical Implant BY DEVIN COLDEWEY a tiny medical implant, no larger than a grain of rice, that could be used as a pacemaker or in place of drugs. The Stanford Engineering team behind the new tech was led by Assistant Professor Ada Poon, and the great advance isn’t actually the size of the electronic device…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Microimplant Smaller than Grain of Rice

Tech Tuesday: Lifeband Touch

From and  STEVE DENT  @STEVETDENT : LG’s fitness-oriented Heart Rate earphones and Lifeband Touch are no joke. In fact, they’re finally set to arrive next week in three sizes for $180 and $150 respectively, after being outed by various rumor sites and, of course, LG itself. The LifeBand looks much like we saw it then and most closely resembles Nike’s…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Lifeband Touch