TRIAD: Fates, Furies and Graces Now on for $2.49! This short story EBook takes a look at an imaginary conversation between the Three Fates and their two sets of triplet sisters, the Three Furies and the Three Graces! Book description: A conversation between The Fates with their younger triplet siblings, The Three Graces and the…… Continue reading NEW EBOOK! TRIAD: FATES, FURIES AND GRACES

Humpday Picture: Pearl of Wisdom

  Found this at the glass shop in my Belltown neighborhood and thought it would make a great humpday pic. The Pearl of Wisdom, so difficult to find, eluding capture, alluded to in song, book, image. I wonder if the Pearl of Wisdom and the Muses are the same?  Is it finely tuned by the Three Graces…… Continue reading Humpday Picture: Pearl of Wisdom