New Etsy Store

  After losing my shirt in shipping costs by using paypal to sell the cookbook, I decided to open an Etsy store to sell the cookbook instead. Using WordPress and Paypal was a make-do scenario. I tried to get paypal and wordpress to work together to have buyers pick their preferred shipping method, but the…… Continue reading New Etsy Store

Healthy Thursday: Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy on a budget, while having health issues-ie: diabetes, heart disease, organ transplant, etc, can be difficult but attainable.  A few hints and tips I’ve followed throughout my “Simple Healthy Fresh” cookbook series are, in fact, simple. Increase low-carb and low-starch vegetables. Increase your intake of ‘free foods for diabetics’: Eggplant is one. Now,…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Healthy on a Budget

Healthy Thursday: Diabetes and Heart Risk

It’s no secret that diabetes type-2 leads to all sorts of heart health related issues.  You’ve seen the articles the graphs, the tables, the grotesque pictures, all to scare you into a healthier lifestyle.  As a fellow diabetic, I get the onslaught just as you do.  But health care providers aren’t being nagging, harpy, shrews–they…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Diabetes and Heart Risk

Tech Tuesday: Square Register

Square Register mobile point-of-sale system. Unless you’ve been under a rock the past few days, you know I’ve just signed on with Square Register to sell my Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook (and maybe Flavored Peppers) in addition to the paypal link on this website.  Now, when I’m out and about I can accept credit card payments…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Square Register

No Monday Book Review

  Apologies for no Monday Book Review.  The past week I’ve been working on marketing the Cookbook, making changes to this website and writing the third novel in the Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries Series.  Made changes to my facebook pages, my personal one is closed but the two book series pages are open to…… Continue reading No Monday Book Review

Cookbook Contest Winners!

  Giving a great big thank you to everyone that entered the Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook Giveaway! Winners were drawn via random number generator, 1st place winning the Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook: Crystal Kerstein Burnett 2nd place winning the Yakpak Spring Tote:  Melodie Lunday 3rd place winning the Yakpak iphone cover: Stets Elizondo  

Sneak Peek: Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook

Sneak Peek at my Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook The cookbook has been the culmination of eleven years of research, networking, reading, cooking by trial and error. It never would have gotten off the ground had friends not continually asking for a physical, hardcopy cookbook.  I got my feet wet by writing the two ebook…… Continue reading Sneak Peek: Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook

The Cookbook

So, it’s been nearly two months since the Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh cookbook fund was started on gofundme and within 4 weeks, raised $445 by 13 friends!  Then nothing else since. After four weeks of posting, begging, pleading, marketing, publicizing across 11 or 12 social networks for any type of donation, it was apparent that…… Continue reading The Cookbook

GoFundMe Cookbook Fundraiser!

Apologizing for not posting a weekly review today.   I’ve been busy working on my “Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook”, gathering and writing recipes, introduction then creating, marketing, publicizing the crowdfunding website fundraiser on gofundme, Ultimate Simple, Healthy, Fresh Cookbook by Brick ONeil – GoFundMe It’s been eye-opening how difficult it is to actually get people…… Continue reading GoFundMe Cookbook Fundraiser!

#gofundme Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook

Just got this gofundme message!  Looks like this cookbook just might become a real thing! Hi Brick, $235.00 has been raised for Ultimate Simple, Healthy, Fresh Cookbook . You might even know some of the recent supporters mentioned below… 15 hours ago – Pattie olson 1 day ago – Brick ONeil 1 day ago -…… Continue reading #gofundme Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook