Personalized Nutrition in the Future

Sunshine Experts: Different people probably won’t react the same to any given nutrient Being deficient in a nutrient such as vitamin D has harmful effects   But it’s not clear that excess vitamins will help the immune system   The immune system evolved about 250,000 years ago       We know that certain foods…… Continue reading Personalized Nutrition in the Future

Study finds one-third of U.S. kids take vitamins

Pills But most children are already healthy and don’t need them, study suggests Spendy supplements The study’s lead author, Dr. Ulfat Shaikh, a pediatrician at the University of California-Davis Children’s Hospital in Sacramento, says taking daily multivitamins in the dose recommended on the label probably is harmless. However, they often aren’t needed for healthy children…… Continue reading Study finds one-third of U.S. kids take vitamins