Personalized Nutrition in the Future

Sunshine Experts: Different people probably won’t react the same to any given nutrient Being deficient in a nutrient such as vitamin D has harmful effects   But it’s not clear that excess vitamins will help the immune system   The immune system evolved about 250,000 years ago       We know that certain foods … Continue reading Personalized Nutrition in the Future

Study finds one-third of U.S. kids take vitamins

Pills But most children are already healthy and don’t need them, study suggests Spendy supplements The study’s lead author, Dr. Ulfat Shaikh, a pediatrician at the University of California-Davis Children’s Hospital in Sacramento, says taking daily multivitamins in the dose recommended on the label probably is harmless. However, they often aren’t needed for healthy children … Continue reading Study finds one-third of U.S. kids take vitamins