Weight Loss Journey

The past six months or so, I’ve shared weight loss ideas and my journey over the past ten years. I started out with 3-hour workouts about ten years ago, with my ‘Simple Healthy Fresh’ Cookbook and Lifestyle. It was that exercise program that almost destroyed my health, leaving me with significant health issues, from plantar…… Continue reading Weight Loss Journey

Healthy Thursday: Eat More Vegetables

Almost daily we see some government study, USDA/FDA article and health/fitness guru of the moment telling us to include more vegetables in our diets. There is abundant evidence showing low-carb, low-starch foods help our bodies get fit, energy to work out, fight disease and stay healthy. Sometimes all people see in their minds is either…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Eat More Vegetables

Healthy Thursday: Don’t Diet

Summer is in full force, more people are feeling energetic, making plans to diet, exercise in order to lose weight fast.  They are looking for fast diets, like the antithesis of fast food. More and more articles are popping up, everywhere I look promising to help you melt fat faster than you can down  a…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Don’t Diet

Healthy Thursday: Cooking Simple, Healthy Fresh

Ever wonder how I create the recipes for my Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbooks?  Want to start cooking healthier?  There are some simple rules that recipes must follow to be included in the Simple Healthy Fresh cookbooks.  Here they are: 1.  They must be Simple recipes, that can include multiple steps, that anyone with a rudimentary…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Cooking Simple, Healthy Fresh

New Weekly Post: Healthy Thursday!

    Welcome to Healthy Thursday! I decided to start the weekly Thursday postings about health, to supplement my healthy First Friday Free Recipes from my cookbook series, “Simple, Healthy, Fresh”, book 1 available now (see tab above) and book 2 coming out Summer 2013. What is health?  Health is what you put into your…… Continue reading New Weekly Post: Healthy Thursday!

Monday Book Review: Family Circle Step-by-Step Sensational Vegetable Recipes

  From the Book’s description: Everyone knows that vegetables are healthy and a necessary part of our daily diet.  But not everyone knows just how delicious they can be.  Sensational Vegetable Recipes shows  you how to make great main meals from vegetables, as well as side dishes and delectable snacks.  There’s also a chapter on quick…… Continue reading Monday Book Review: Family Circle Step-by-Step Sensational Vegetable Recipes

Eat better — for less money

Dollar Signs The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy found that over a 15-year period the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables rose 40 percent, while prices on sweets and soda dropped. Adam Drewnowski, PhD, director of the University of Washington Center for Obesity Research, found that a dollar buys 1,200 calories worth of potato chips…… Continue reading Eat better — for less money

Veggie Tips For Haters

Vegetables Great advice from Web MD. Over the past six years, since my Kidney Transplant, I’ve learned to love all vegetables. It wasn’t always so, and my poor mom couldn’t ’sneak’ them into foods, for I would patiently and diligently pick them out.   Go ahead and give these a try for the picky veggie…… Continue reading Veggie Tips For Haters