Healthy Thursday: Too Hot to Exercise

During these hot summer months of global warming, it may be difficult to go walking, jogging or yogaing when the temps are in the triple digits (or too warm for your area of the country).  Here in Seattle the norm temp for summer used to be low to mid-70s, not even five years ago.  But…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Too Hot to Exercise

Healthy Thursday: Don’t Diet

Summer is in full force, more people are feeling energetic, making plans to diet, exercise in order to lose weight fast.  They are looking for fast diets, like the antithesis of fast food. More and more articles are popping up, everywhere I look promising to help you melt fat faster than you can down  a…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Don’t Diet

Healthy Thursday: Spring is here!

  Spring has arrived after a long rainy/snowy winter.  Seattle is typically moderate year round, but I really don’t like waking in downpours all bundled up.  The past year has been hard, medically speaking, just a cascade of health issues.  From runners knee reinjury, atypical seizures and heart stents, my weight has ballooned to 190.…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Spring is here!

Healthy Thursday: Small Changes, Big Rewards

So many people are looking for ways to be healthier these days.  Busy schedules, family commitments, commuting can take it’s toll on our health. It is easy to feel frustrated with health professionals, fitness buffs or gym rats telling us to lead healthier lives, work out more, ‘just 30 minutes a day’ and so on.…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Small Changes, Big Rewards

Healthy Thursday: Beginning Exercise

  Continuing from the last two weeks about ‘what is healthy living’, as discussed before, includes some form of exercise.  As I also discuss in my cookbook, “Simple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0”, must include some form of exercise that makes you sweat for an extended period of time.  Of course, before beginning any exercise routine or…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Beginning Exercise

New Weekly Post: Healthy Thursday!

    Welcome to Healthy Thursday! I decided to start the weekly Thursday postings about health, to supplement my healthy First Friday Free Recipes from my cookbook series, “Simple, Healthy, Fresh”, book 1 available now (see tab above) and book 2 coming out Summer 2013. What is health?  Health is what you put into your…… Continue reading New Weekly Post: Healthy Thursday!

My Weight Loss in 2008

These shoes are made for walking. In my article, “How I lost 41 Pounds”, I discuss how I mentally prepared to lose weight and how I went about eating and exercising. I firmly believe that one must deal with losing weight, exercising in their minds first, or they will ultimatley fail. The year before I lost…… Continue reading My Weight Loss in 2008