Last Free Weekend

Hello one and all again.  Tis my last free weekend before embarking on a new chapter. Monday, i’m starting a certificate in Web Development, as you all know.  I’m not happy to have to take a math class every single quarter, so i’ll see how it goes with this first one. The summer quarters are…… Continue reading Last Free Weekend

It’s official: I’m a student again.

 The Seattle central College campus.The tuition has been paid, so it’s official: I’m a student at Seattle Central Community College in Web Development!After a few weeks of miscommunication, the community college finally applied the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation’s payment voucher to my tuition.  I’ll be getting a voucher for the books and supplies so it’s…… Continue reading It’s official: I’m a student again.

Lots going on

Been a busy Winter/Spring around Lione Services and myself, both personally and professionally. Personally, I over-exercised in 2010-11, damaging my knee with “Runners Knee”.  It’s been a year of physical therapy, some not so good. Recently I had water drained off my knee and had a cortisone shot that both did wonders. I ordered a…… Continue reading Lots going on