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Wertfrei Wednesday June 10, 2015

                            So, I haven’t been writing on the third novel in my series for a few years now, there’s no… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Cops Are People Too

I can’t imagine a job more frustrating than that of a Police Officer. You start off with all these ideals of what an Officer is or should be, you go through school, then… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Downside of Independent Writing

When someone wants to write a book, they almost always dream of big publishing houses, big advances and big crowds awash with anticipation at their book openings.  After a few months of research,… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Sunshine and Happiness

Have you ever met people who have a perpetual scowl on their faces? Or those who only see the negative side of anything? You know how exhausting they can be, their one-sided view of life… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: When Technology Listens Back

More and more each day we learn some new piece of technology is either listening or watching us back. Technology manufacturers are blamed for some virus, bug or spyware that looks as if… Continue reading

Healthy Thursday: Essential Men’s Health Tests

    There are tests each Man needs to get but may not know which ones and why. Here is a list to take with you to the next Doctor’s appointment: 1. Get… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Wide Open [Parking] Spaces

Remember way back when Seattle had open parking spaces? Think back a few years.   Further.  Yah, when parking was a few quarters, you could park in front of or in the same… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: One Month Down

The first month of 2015 is gone and we’re well into February. Time to talk about those healthy choices you’ve made earlier on in January. Whatever you chose to do to improve your… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Political Hypocrites

Well, well well. Seems the GOP in Alabama just had their balls handed to them on a silver platter, thanks to State Rep. Patricia Todd (D). For decades, Republican Politicians have gay bashed to… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: New Year, New Politics

The more things change, the more they stay the same, or the saying goes. Last night was President Obama’s State of the Union Address to congress and the Nation. Sure, a lot of… Continue reading