Armor Against E. Coli: Fiber

Whole Wheat Bread Fiber is fab. You already eat it to stay regular and to feel fuller longer. Now there’s another reason: gut protection.  Bacteria Bound In a lab study, researchers exposed a variety of foods to several strains of E. coli and Salmonella. The results? The bacteria adhered to fibrous foods — like pumpkin,…… Continue reading Armor Against E. Coli: Fiber

Curb Hunger Pangs with This Oil

Here’s a snack that ought to stop you from, well, snacking: whole-grain bread dipped in olive oil.   Restaurants have the right idea. Some serve a plate of aromatic, fruity olive oil with whole grain bread with cracked pepper. Delicious, wholesome and good for you!   That’s because olive oil is rich in a special…… Continue reading Curb Hunger Pangs with This Oil