Update On Using Old Tech

  So, I’ve spent a week or two trying to find websites that play video, tv or radio for the old Asus Transformer TF101 but come to find out the tablet’s OS is just too old, being Android 4.0.3. Everything now needs, at a minimum 4.4.4. So, what to do with it? I don’t need…… Continue reading Update On Using Old Tech

Happy Five Year Anniversary on WordPress!

Just got this nifty little image, it’s the five year anniversary for http://brickoneil.com! Hopefully I’ve brought you news, information and a smattering of personal news to keep you entertained.  I started out blogging for other networks, now defunct, for five or six years prior. After I got stiffed a grand, I decided to just write…… Continue reading Happy Five Year Anniversary on WordPress!

What is popular in social media?

I performed a basic experiment on the popularity of social media websites by creating two different accounts on tumblr. I long wondered why my website and this blog still wasn’t getting visits, likes, shares like other sites. I did all the same things, covered a variety of interesting, relevant, current topics, like book reviews, technology,…… Continue reading What is popular in social media?

Tech Tuesday: Tablet PC Uses

  My first Tablet PC, as you well know, was the HP Compaq TC1100 convertible tablet computer, the second generation. I bought it refurbished in 2007 and it still works to this day, albeit in a slow, buggy way with older hardware and a forgotten OS XP. A few years ago I had an unexpected…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Tablet PC Uses

Wertfrei Wednesday: Happy Anniversary to Me

WordPress just notified me that I registered four years ago today for this blog. Over the years it’s been through a few transformations, starting off as a writing blog, then covering past subjects from different networks I had previously belonged, finally changing to being a base for all my books, writing and ‘happenings’, plus keeping…… Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: Happy Anniversary to Me