Downsizing Technology

Can a person hoard technology? Yes. My electronic gadgets numbered seven, four of which were old and no longer useful. I'm a writer and use computers and technology in my daily life. I was using an old TC1100 from 1996 (still boots up but is slow on Win XP) as my workhorse five years ago. … Continue reading Downsizing Technology

Alive and Survived

I'm 12 years post-kidney transplant, the borrowed kidney is fine, but scarred and striated. I've survived renal failure, heart failure, four types of heart issues [currently have three stents in heart and may need further surgery], two umbilical hernia surgeries, colon cancer diagnosis then misdiagnosis. I've had over 30 surgeries and procedures kidney, fistula, graft … Continue reading Alive and Survived

Wertfrei Wednesday: Downside of Independent Writing

When someone wants to write a book, they almost always dream of big publishing houses, big advances and big crowds awash with anticipation at their book openings.  After a few months of research, reality comes crashing down on their poor little heads. The reality is, big publishing houses really only want you after you're a big … Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: Downside of Independent Writing

Wertfrei Wednesday: A Definition

wertfrei:  without value judgement; neutral ( Trying to come up with a unique format for Wednesday, I've tried 'happy humpday' posts in the past. Although they were ok, I felt they had no unifying theme and maybe a bit too mainstream. Happy Humpdays were dropped after less than a year of poor stats.  I dropped … Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: A Definition

Pulitzer-winning writer Ford to teach at Ole Miss

>Well, just Gawwwwd Bless him! I say, if you've got it, flaunt it.  Seems Pulitzer-winning writer Richard Ford wants to teach at Ole Miss.  He's got theories and ideas and just wants to share.  Good for him! From Associated Press: "I think the state, in the hands and eyes of its writers, has a lot that needs … Continue reading Pulitzer-winning writer Ford to teach at Ole Miss