Is your Instant Coffee Causing Hallucinations?


It is if you’re ingesting more than seven cups of instant!

If you’re drinking more than seven cups of coffee, hallucinations aren’t your only issue. Besides lack of sleep and hallucinations, ingesting that much coffee isn’t good for your body. Your organs have to work overtime, over time, to process it. Your liver, kidneys, for starters, have to filter all that coffee out; your heart will race and beat faster. The jolt that much instant coffee gives you just lasts a short time, then you crash, and your body demands more.


Your doctor or health care provider will have bette options than instant coffee if you are having hallucinations. They may order more physical and psychological testing, to determine of there are other organic reason behind the issue.


According to the article, those who had a high caffeine intake were three times more likely to have the heard voice of someone non-existent than “low” users who consumed less than one cup of instant coffee or its equivalent.


Seeing things that were not there, hearing voices and sensing the presence of dead people were among the experiences reported. Researchers also found that people drinking as few as three cups of brewed coffee each day may experience mild hallucinations, such as hearing voices that aren’t there.


Each day I drink about 24 ounces of drip coffee. If I don’t feel like making a pot, i’ll have the same amount in Instant coffee, but, thankfully, I’ve never had hallucinations.


Have you had hallucinations brought on by too much Instant Coffee?

By Brick ONeil

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