New public service announcement (PSA) series about MyPyramid

My Pyramid PSA

From My Pyramid and the Ad Council have teamed to bring you a new serie sof Public Series Announcements regarding the New My Pyramid.

Here’s one:


Less than 25% of adolescents eat the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Few get regular physical activity. While mothers and caregivers are aware of the importance of healthy eating and physical activity habits, they struggle with the best way to implement them for their families. With obesity rates rising among children and adults, it’s important to provide information and realistic tips for making and sustaining healthy choices for kids.


This campaign motivates moms to encourage proper nutrition and physical activity for their families, emphasizing that a bright future starts with a healthy lifestyle. The notion that “Good Nutrition Can Lead to Great Things” reinforces that healthy eating and physical activity are fuel for a kid’s mind and body. The campaign encourages viewers to and use the USDA’s Food Pyramid as an effective tool to help their children make healthy choices.


Disney Partnership


In an effort to extend this important campaign message, the Ad Council and USDA collaborated with Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on a series of PSAs featuring the lovable characters and memorable songs from Disney’s original classic The Jungle Book. These PSAs highlight the importance of balancing good nutrition and physical activity by emphasizing the “Bare Necessities” of healthy living, and send a message to families that leading a healthy lifestyle can help you be the best at everything you love to do.

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