Losing a pound a week, staying positive

Horn of Plenty

iReporter Giyen Kim has been losing a pound per week since the start of 2009

She exercises six days a week, eats one vegan meal per day


Dr. Melina Jampolis says a pound a week is a reasonable pace


A pound a week is what I lost last year and is what the FDA and Food Pyramid Guide recommends. Overall, I lost 41 pounds in 2008.


On a video that Giyen Kim recently posted on iReport.com about her frustration with trying to lose weight, one user commented, “Who cares how much you have lost you are still a fat a**. Stop eating and go to the gym.”


In the past, Kim might have cried and turned to a pint of ice cream for comfort, she reflected. But this time, she hit the gym — a reaction she views as a revelation.


“I think that when you are doing what you need to be doing, things like that don’t matter,” she said.


Kim started out at 190 pounds on January 1 with the intention of losing about a pound or two a week throughout the year.


So far she’s shed four pounds in four weeks, but the pace feels slow compared with her diet regimens in the past, she said. She found that those extreme diet plans were not realistic options in the long run for maintaining a comfortable weight.


Still, Kim maintains a positive outlook on her situation.


Keep up the good work, Kim, we’re all rooting for you! Eating heatlhy, low-carb foods, such as veggies (stayiing away or limiting starchy, carb loaded veggies) is the way to go!

By Brick ONeil

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