Campbell’s Tomato Soup to Cut Sodium by 32 Percent


Great news for soup lovers!

The first Campbell soup is getting a low-sodium makeover.


The Campbell Soup Co. announced Wednesday that its tomato soup — the one painted by Andy Warhol — will have its sodium cut by 32 percent by August.


The new level will have 480 milligrams of sodium per serving — low enough to qualify for the government’s definition of low-sodium.


The company is using low-sodium sea salt to modify a product that hasn’t changed much since it was introduced in 1897. Sea salt is used more and more by food manufacturers to introduce low-sodium foods to the public.


Over the past three years, Camden-based Campbell has used the sea salt in dozens of its offerings.


Denise Morrison, the president of the Company’s North American soup, sauces and beverage operations, says that by fall half the company’s soups will be low-sodium.


Campbells Tomato soup is the go-to soup for a quick lunch, dinner, or addition to recipes. Great news that they are reducing sodium in their soups, and that their classic Tomato is the first to get the makeover. There have been more and more food products that include Sea salt and it is a nice change from the bombardment that your taste buds endure with the regular foods that are difficult to stomach.


Hopefully, this new wave of Campbells foods will encourage other food manufacturers to produce more low-sodium foods when they see how popular Campbells Tomato Soup has become. There is one kitchen that will be stocked with this new low-sodium soup.

By Brick ONeil

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