A Tangy Treat That’s Good for Your Bladder

Apricot Smoothie

Here’s a diet “do” that may help keep your bladder cancer-free. Start your day with some yogurt. Later, have some more for a snack.

Compared with their peers who never ate yogurt, people in a study who ate two or more servings daily had almost a 40 percent lower risk of bladder cancer. Talk about an antiager!


Lactic Acid in Action

Cultured milk products like yogurt contain something that other dairy items lack: lactic acid bacteria. Just how the bacteria helps stave off bladder cancer isn’t clear, but the fact that it does have an immune-boosting reputation is one possibility.


Dairy That Really Does Your Body Good

Along with keeping bladder cancer at bay, yogurt has been shown to lower the risk of liver cancer, defend against gum disease, and — when coupled with fiber-rich foods — ease gas and bloating. So keep the yogurt coming with these recipe ideas:

Turn it into a drink.

Have it for dessert.

Plop some on your soup


Try an Apricot Smoothie:


Canned apricot halves blend with yogurt in a tangy and refreshing smoothie.



1 cup canned apricot halves in light syrup

6 ice cubes

1 cup nonfat plain yogurt

3 tablespoons sugar



1. Blend apricot halves, ice cubes, yogurt and sugar in a blender until frothy.


I incorporate plain yogurt into my recipes an cooking, replacing sour cream and mayonayse. Put it in savory dishes like beef burgundy, salad dressings or sweet dishes like smoothies; add it to mashed potatoes (if you are going to eat mashed potatoes, make them healthier), or mashed cauliflour.

By Brick ONeil

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