Book Review: Internet Marketing Methods Revealed: The Complete Guide to Becoming an Internet Marketing Expert

>My Review of the book:

Internet Marketing Methods Revealed, The Complete Guide to Becoming an Internet Marketing Expert; book; Miguel Todaro; Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.; 338 pgs. 
Review: Brick ONeil 
One phrase that I would use with Miguel Todaro’s book is “In-Depth”. In this Internet Marketing book, Miguel leaves no stone unturned. If, after reading, studying and putting into practice his sage advice, you don’t have significant new growth for your business, you can’t blame the author. 
In this detailed Marketing book, Todaro discusses in-depth SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Optimization, PPC (pay per click), Keywords, Ads, Newsletters, E-Mail Marketing, E-Commerce Strategy, CMS (Content Management Systems), flash and SEO. His most discussed subject is PPC (pay per click) Marketing, devoting five of his twenty chapters to it. 
Todaro discusses HTML quite a bit, for those that are more than spectators or have more than a passing interest in developing their own (or work in the field of Marketing or computer languages) web pages, marketing, PPC, etc. This book is more for the professional Internet Marketer than a casual observer or beginner. 
If you’re wondering how to start Marketing your business or service on the internet, or are looking for a chapter or two to get a good idea of what Miguel Todaro is all about, a good place to start is his chapters on submitting your website to Internet Search Engines and Keywords. Keywords are of a vital importance to getting good traffic to your website. 
These two chapters could help even the most novice Internet Marketer successfully build traffic to their website, business or service. 
With as much detail as Miguel Todaro goes into, this is more geared towards other professional Internet Marketers (or, at the very least, towards those who have a more passing acquaintance with HTML, PPC and the like). I would rate this book a 5, if only for the two chapters on submission and keywords. 

By Brick ONeil

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