Book Review: How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Cleaning Service


Detailed Business Explanation for Owning/Operating a Cleaning Business

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Posted 03/23/09: Morrow, Beth, How to Open and Operate a Successful Cleaning business, Atlantic Publishing, book, 290 pgs. In this book, Beth Morrow covers a lot of ground, in which a beginning cleaning business owner, as well as a thoroughly entrenched owner of decades, will find useful and relevant information. The book covers the business end, such as picking a name, how to file the proper permits, zoning boards, filing with the IRS and the like. For the beginning business owner, this is a valuable resource on issues that may not be considered. There are many and varied intricacies that need to be discussed and well-thought out, which Beth Morrow does quite well. An owner of a well-established business will find this book a valuable resource, as many of the facts and forms are laid out and may provide a new way of doing business or offering services. The title of the book gives the impression of a cleaning guide, more than how to file business liability or develop service manuals. The author goes into quite detailed explanations of many aspects of opening a cleaning business (and could well be written for any business, in general), such as sole-proprietorships or limited liability corporations. The gist of the book is written for a sole-proprietorship, like a guiding hand through each and every step. The appendix has great resources for facts, forms and example business lists, as well as subsequent parallel publications offered by Atlantic Publishing. This book is a great resource that should not be missed by anyone considering opening a cleaning business. I would give this book four stars. Brick ONeil http://www.LioneServices.com

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