Book Review: Conspiracy in Kiev

>Conspiracy in Kiev by Noel Hynd

Zondervan Press, Copyright 2008, Amazon Press e-pub, 400 pgs

Normally, I don’t care for political mystery/thriller/whodunnits, but Noel Hynd weaves a tight tale that is irresistible, in two parts of this first book.

The novel, the first of a three part trilogy, what the author calls “The Russian Trilogy”, brings to life characters, cities and problems in away that makes you care.  Alex LaDuca, the main character, is a strong, vibrant woman who is kept in the dark as  a special agent of the US Government.  She meets with shady FBI/CIA characters she doesn’t wholly trust, to prepare for a special assignment she doesn’t fully understand in the Ukraine. Her cover as a financial expert falls within her job as an agent at the Department of the Treasury and her order is to get as close to the Eastern European con man/mafia Don, Yuri Federov while keeping up the facade of working out his payment of taxes owed the U.S.

As a fully vibrant woman, she’s engaged to a fellow Law Enforcement man and looks forward to their wedding, merely a short time away.  As fate would have it the President of the United States is making an appearance in the Ukraine the same time as Alex, her fiancée and Yuri are in attendance.  Noel Hynd brings about chaos that utterly destroys more than one life then spends part two of the book bringing together the pieces and answering the questions that explode in exposition and lurid detail.

The reader will be mopping their brow, gulping hot coffee and wanting to shake Noel’s hand.

By Brick ONeil

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