Book Review: Bits of You and Pieces of Me


     “Bits of you & Pieces of Me” by Kimberly Kinrade, ebook.
     Like an intimate conversation with an old friend. Part poetry, part confessional, part writers anthology, Kimberly Kinrade obviously pours her heart and soul into this work.  To borrow an almost phrase from her book, she tells of the life she’s lived through “Scary Telling” (to borrow a phrase from her). It may be jarring to some readers to switch so furiously from subject matter and genres, but it is refreshing to this reviewer. Your mind has no time to switch gears, so there isn’t a lulling into a secure time and meter of a story.
     The stories come fast, furious, like a mind switching gears, frantic to get it all out. She shares her journey of life; surviving an abusive relationship, homelessness, single parenthood, fantasies.  We share her ups and downs, her sorrows and joy, and finally, her life. You can almost hear her breathless reading of the poetry, harsh realities of the short stories and painful recollection of past events.  All of it mesmerizing!  You come away feeling gratified.
     If you’re looking for an anthology of poetry, short stories and confessional, look no further than “Bits of you & Pieces of Me”.