Good News!

The “Great Computer Circuit” in the World Wide Web fixed the name issue with my health blog, !  The site address and name now match!  TY to whomever you are!  Now those hits  and traffic will just SKYROCKET!  😉

Onto other backend news.  Apparently, Im less of a tech person than I thought.  In the throes of wanting Google’s Adsense/Analytics to match up, I errantly changed the nameserves on the health and tech blogs.  Ah well.  So, I reversed my actions and am no closer to getting Goog’s adsense to read the ads on the aforementioned blogs.

Still no closer to getting the Novel/Book website up for Aside of Murder (for sale here, btw).  I do know that im going to remove the parking page that I was going to develop the webpage from and instead use another wordpress format webpage.  I’ve just got to find where I put the code.