On Writing: My Version

Since 2001, Writing has become my hobby, a way to earn a few bucks here and there.  I’ve written in a few areas, health, fitness and real estate mostly.  I enjoy the research and producing good copy for clients.  It’s simple and straightforward.

I’ve also published my first novel, Aside of Murder (available on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords) which took me two years to write, then another five trying to edit and proofread. I’ve never liked editing or proofreading.  After struggling for five years, I was so sick of looking at the novel I wanted to print it off and just throw it at people, saying “TAKE IT!! JUST TAKE IT!”.  Don’t know if any other writers/authors out there can empathize.  I ended up just self-publishing last December on Smashwords.

What I enjoy about writing, is the creative process and getting the ideas down.  I like how the story unfolds (even I don’t know how things turn out until they’re written). Sometimes an idea works, other times, it doesn’t. Yes, I’ve deleted entire chapters before and had to ‘sit’ on ideas for weeks before tweaking. Does the story always flow smoothly?  No, and that’s a good thing.  Sometimes the story and reader have to be jolted out of the comfortable rhyme and meter of the words.

I enjoy the thrill of writing a scene, of tension between people or places, of stopping-your-breath action. I understand I’m not an editor or proofreader when it comes to my Books and Novels.

But, I’m one helluva gifted writer.