Book Review: The Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan

>Having never read the first book in the series, I was delighted to find I could follow the plot by references the characters made.  Seems a straightforward plot from the first book to this and was easy to follow.  I can see where The Powers That Be would find Kathleen’s plots and characterizations worrisome to their institution, but for the readers, it’s a delightful departure from the staid and stale standard emanating from the religious of the world.

Her main character, Maureen Paschal, is a strong, forceful woman with daily foibles of her own.  She isn’t built up so the reader puts her on a pedestal, nor is she so broken down that the reader pities her.  She can come across as somewhat of a ‘superwoman’ but that’s forgivable, given the storyline.  Maureen’s friends and acquaintances are written equally as human and strengths in their own given field(s). The quest Maureen is set upon is filled with the typical arch-nemesis that any white-hatted hero would expect to find.

It’s no wonder that Kathleen McGowan has such a strong following.  I’m headed out to find the first book in the series.

By Brick ONeil

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