Advertising and Marketing Yourself and Your Business

I remember way back as an undergraduate when I was picking a Major.  I thought about taking some business classes, advertising and marketing but realized I wasn’t really that interested.  It all looked so boring.

So, here I am, trying to make a go at my writing business and discovering I need to wear so many hats: not only author, blogger, researcher, writer but also editor, proofreader, advertiser, marketer, website developer, HTML/cpanel expert.  There just isn’t enough time during the day and I don’t make any money to pay people that I need for my business.  So I pick my battles.  Now I just post the daily blog posts on twitter and facebook, and have them forwarded to other sites like linkedin.  Got to cut corners somewhere.  Writing my novels, I discovered I enjoy crafting the story, the characters. Editing?  Proofreading? NOT SO MUCH.   Still, hope readers are forgiving.

Sometimes I wonder if I should go back to school?  Maybe get a degree or certificate in business?  Marketing?  Advertising?  Business Writing? html coding? I did actually apply for some certificate program at the University of Washington-Seattle and was accepted.  But had to turn it down when I discovered it didn’t qualify for any financial aid.

It’s always something.