Book Review: One Last Scream by Kevin O’Brien

>I was perusing a Mystery Bookshop in Historic Pioneer Square in Downtown Seattle, “The Mystery Shop”, one of my favorite bookstores.  They have a wall of local Washington Authors with their books and found several by Kevin O’Brien.  “One Last Scream” appealed to me, with an enticing title (who could resist,  I ask you?), thumbing through the book, there was tight writing throughout.

He creates gripping scenes, uses local landmarks and one of the most mysterious psychological issues in modern times, twin telepathy.  It’s the vehicle he uses to showcase one twin reliving painful memories that aren’t hers.   Amelia has memories of  a painful childhood, travelling places she never went and committing murders she didn’ do.  Is she losing her mind?  Karen enters the picture as her therapist and is unsure if Amelia is a pathological liar, psychotic killer or something else entirely.

Kevin slowly unravels the story, introduces characters almost as fast as he kills or tortures them. I could not put it down! Usually there are slow or uninteresting parts to any book, but i could not find any in “One Last Scream”.