Invitations Abound

This month was a grand event for invitations.  Not only was the Royal Wedding this month, President Obama had one from Tycoon Trump to show his “long from birth certificate”.  Also, I had an invite to study for a forensic rehabilitation certificate then another invitation for a literary fiction certificate from last year…flattering but no money to pay for them.

Contrary to belief, the four blogs and two websites don’t bring in any money.  Sure, they’re all monetized, but the ole Goog isn’t paying out hundreds or thousands a month.

I’m a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (I’ll wait while you google)…impressed, eh?  No, the certification hasn’t really done anything, opened any doors (ready my “Open Letter to President Obama”) but the one in my head.  Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling is a dead or dying field.  I tried for ten years to get into either a State/Federal position and Doctoral Programs in the field.  So, I started looking into Forensic Rehabilitation, as fraud is so strife and states are looking to cut costs.  Recently, a top name University sent me an invitation to study for the Forensic Certificate.  Great!  But, with no income and no grants/scholarships, I had no way to pay for it.

Cue an second invitation to study for a Literary Fiction Certificate for the 2nd year in a row.  Again, it is something I would love and from the University of Washington, no less here in Seattle. Again, no way to pay for it.