>Incorporating blogs

>I have decided to combine this blog with my business blog, http://LioneServices/wordpress.com.

I’ve enjoyed bringing news about authors, publishers and books, as well as book reviews and ‘Top Ten’ updates each week at first, but as time goes on, more and more of my time was spent on various blogs.

Combining them will allow me to devote more time to my novels and marketing thereof.

Also, I’ve decided not to renew either my health or tech blogs, citing low readership and increased expenses.

Creating all these blogs was exciting and there were readers across the board, at first.  As time went on, the hits were few and far between.  With fees coming out of pocket and the blogs not making money, it was a hard decision.  If I were more technologically adept, I would move them all to one of the free hosting sites on the internet, but that is beyond my expertise.  I”m a writer, not a programmer.

So, if you would like, follow me over to my writing/book/business blog, or get the posts directly from my business site, http://www.LioneServices.com