Sorry no Monday Book Review

Apologies to everyone that was looking forward to a Monday Book Review, but you’ll be glad to know the weekend was spent in productivity.


Yes, yours truly, spent the weekend cleaning, rearranging, organizing, tossing. An old, rickety dresser that was taking up space is in the dumpster and my 300 sqft Seattle apt looks twice the size now! It’s amazing how moving a sofa and chairs can make a place look brand new.  Found a set of modern shelves from a store that was moving and voila! It is kind of a ladder shelving unit that leans against the wall and really fits in with the other modern furniture.

I tossed some old, torn clothes, lots of papers that I hadn’t looked at in a long time (why do we writers collect paper?).  I’m streamlining my life and this is a great start!

How was your weekend?  And, what book would you like to see Lione Services review next?

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