Back at the Biz Blog

After a few weeks of changes, I’m back at the Lione Services biz blog.


I moved three whole blocks to a bigger, cheaper apartment in downtown Seattle. I’ve got a real bedroom now, rather than a one-room studio apartment. I’ve unpacked, arranged and admired the apartment, view and ambiance. I was ready to write!


Then I had massive and major computer issues with my trusty old TC1100 and Nokia communicator. Sudden reboots, lagging issues and so on.  I knew it was time to replace and upgrade. After a fortunate series of events, i was able to buy a new tablet and phone! Now i’ve got an Asus Transformer and a Samsung Exhibit and have joined the 21st century, tech-wise.

I’ll be posting several book reviews this week to make up for the lack of posts.

In other news, i’ve started writing two new series!  Book one of “The Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries” is being professionall edited after I re-wrote parts of it.I’ll be uploading the new, revised book to Smashwords, hopefully before Christmas, complete with new book cover!  Book two is  in the ‘creative phase’ at the moment.


So, without further ado