Hello again

After half a year off from blogging, I admit, I kind of missed it.  I had no idea if anyone was even reading the blog postings and frankly, I was too busy ‘working’ all the blogs I had. They were taking away from my Novel writing; besides, I wasn’t even getting paid for them. 

There have been a few changes.  Microsoft shut down their Office Live Small Business, ,in favor of their Office 365 (which doesn’t even include hosting or domain), then charged $72-150/yr just to use MS software on the blog or business page.  So, I just ended up shutting down http://www.LioneServices.com and bought the domain over on godaddy.com.  So now I own my six domain names, the two now-defunct blogs (www.encouragehealthyhabits.com and http://www.thetechgadget.com) and LioneServices.com. What will i do with them? no idea.  If anyone wants to blog on them for revenue share, feel free to contact me.  Likewise, if anyone out there can create web pages from scratch, contact me.

I’ve got an editor for “Aside of Murder” (found on http://www.smashwords.com and most major ebooktailers), started on the second in the series, as well as two separate novels.  Yes, i’ve been a busy man.

Also, i’ve applied to study for an Associates degree in Web Development, in case this whole Novel business doesn’t pan out.  The previous degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling is useless–no one is hiring at the state or federal level these days. But I did keep up my CRC.  I worked too hard to just let that go!

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