Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog: Finally Starting the Cookbook

Never did writing a cookbook enter my mind when I was cooking healthy and low-carb.

After getting bad news about my health years ago, I decided to start cooking healthy.  My instructions were low-carb, low-fat, low-sodium, to start with.  My first cookbook I read from introduction to last recipe was The Little Big Vegetarian Book, then a low-fat cookbook, then a healthy cooking book and so on.  I read and devoured the words, recipes, tips and hints.  I hadn’t been a cook either before this.  In fact, my Dad stated once that I was a microwave cook.

Now, I love cooking, following recipes or off the cuffs of my sleeves.  I haven’t used salt/sodium for over twenty years, rather, I use herbs and spices instead.  My spice cupboard has over 40 spices now, from Allspice to Tumeric and White Pepper.  My favorite spices are basil (the first spice i ever used), rosemary and thyme. They are aromatic, savory and the most versatile spices around. 

The Little Big Vegetarian Book

I even gave away copies of this cookbook when I had my health blog, http://www.EncourageHealthyHabits.com, I was and still am, so enamored with it.

After a move cross-country , I began posting on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/bricko, my dishes. The outpouring was immediate and soon questions were asked, “When is your cookbook coming out?”  That took me by surprise.

I’d written a Novel (Aside of Murder, thank you very much), several short stories and tons of articles (seen on http://www.linkedin.com/in/brickoneil). Never was a cookbook on my list of ‘things to write’.  More and more people began asking for the recipes of dishes I’d post. 

So, after so much time and requests, i’ve begun compiling the pictures,descriptions and soon will delve back into my mind for the recipes.  

If there is one of my recipes you would like to see included or have a title suggestion, feel free to contact me.