Warm, Cozy eBook for a great weekend read

Like a warm, cozy and comfortable handmade quilt, Promises You Keep, is great for an evening or weekend read.

The Promises You Keep

Promises You Keep by Karen Marie Graham

Karen Graham’s descriptions are so visual and vivid, you really feel like you’re in the log cabin right along with Sydney, an English teacher who has a past she’s running from. You feel like she could be your neighbor, coworker and best friend, wrapped up in one. She has vulnerabilities and failings just like anyone, which endears her to her coworker and neighbor, Brandon, the psychology teacher just down the hall at school.

Sydney’s past confronts her when she has an absentee student, Emily, who she becomes increasingly concerned about. Together with her new friend, Brandon, she discovers more about herself than she realized in trying to help Emily.

I loved Karen’s book, along with the other reviewers interpretation of the novel. It’s an easy read that helps the time fly by, one I would recommend for an cozy evening, with a glass of Riesling (Sydney’s favorite) and some cheese and fruit.