Now on and!

Aside of Murder is now on Barnes and Noble’s nook store, with the new cover, short and extended descriptions and novel itself!  Didn’t take the full two weeks either, very excited!

Barnes & Noble bn.comBarnes & Noble

Also, the Novel made it over to Diesel Ebooks, Full Novel, cover, descriptions!


It looks like the Novel will not appear on Amazon’s site. It might, only if there is $1000 minimum sales on Smashwords then the sites pick and choose which books that will transfer over. No word on the other ebook online retailers.


No word on,, or  I dont know about the Apple iBooks store, as I do not own an Apple product, so someone out there will have to tell me if the new cover and descriptions made the transfer.

The Novel is on and is free during their

July Summer/Winter Sale July 1–31

Get Aside of Murder’s free code on the page:

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