Does Social Networking Work for Marketing?

I’m on #facebook#linkedin #tumblr #digg #reddit #G+#stumbleupon #klout #twitter and have never had great referrals for sales or blogs or books.

I’ve always heard “you have to share, comment, re[tweet, retumble, etc], get involved.”  I’ve done that, going on five years on some accounts and my ‘numbers’ have never been ‘out of the park’.  If anything, all my involvement has gone largely unnoticed. If you want to feel invisible, become an independent author and try marketing yourself across multiple platforms and networks.  You have to REALLY believe in yourself.

But, I constantly hear and read that it’s the wave of marketing for indie authors, or anyone selling anything or selling themselves for a job. I’ve read marketing books, talk to marketing gurus, watched other marketers and I’ve done all I’m supposed to do to Market blogs, books, whatever.  It just doesn’t work. At least for me.




Digg [I have no idea what happened to them]


G+/Google Plus



Twitter or @brickoneil or @lioneservices