Review of Ltede 1022 Grey/Brown

Ltede 1022 Grey/Brown


First of all, let me say I do love the Ltede low-profile design.  This is my second pair from this designer. This pair is sleek, low with contemporary design. The frame is closed at the nose then flares open at the sides, to the copper etched arms.  Second, this would be a great pair to wear at an art gallery opening, the symphony or theater.  They make a statement and as an artistic type myself, I enjoy the positive comments they garner.

On the other hand, I find the single arm hinge to be weak and was surprised that allowed such a weak point in these otherwise sturdy, attractive frames.  As another customer pointed out, the stock nose pads are uncomfortable. Since I broke my nose as a kid, there’ s a hump in the middle and the Ltede’s tend to either ride up my nose and press directly against my eyelashes and eyelids, causing unbearable smearing or the jump the hump and slide off my nose.

These aren’t every day glasses, as I found out, but when I do wear them, they get attention.