My Take on the 10,000th episode of The Young and The Restless

I’ve been a loyal viewer of The Young and The Restless for the past 30+ years and never have I been so disappointed in the show than the past five or six years. The previous two writing regimes have ruined the show with lame storylines, new characters no one cares about and a total disregard for the history of the show.

In the first few minutes when Nikki saw Victor standing there, I half expected to see her crawl on her bare knees and elbows to victor, face and head down, start licking Victor’s shoes clean and wiping them dry with her hair. Both of their characters are caricatures of their former selves.

Victor standing at the conference, mumbling about the Masters domain and pitying the serfs who grovel at his feet. Jack, once again, the patsy to Victor. Why? Why? Why?

Every citizen of GC seeing who can one-up kissing Victor’s wrinkled old butt faster than the other, gushing like schoolgirls over who overlooked his abusive and manipulative ways the most, forgiving (forgetting?) all the damage he’s done to almost everyone in town, meddling/destroying personal lives over perceived or far-fetched slights against him.

Bringing Traci back for a 10 minute chat with family members stretched over 2-3 days. Either bring her back with a more meaty storyline and for gods sake, give her another child. Since the show is all about rewriting history, how about having Rose’s daughter ‘saving’ Traci’s aborted child way-back-when, raising him far off then bringing him back to cause havoc with her? Make him gay and date Phillip, raise some hell paying Lauren back for her torture. Wouldn’t it be a kick for Lauren to start supporting and protecting Traci after all these years? It would be about as believable as a 70+year old grandfather beating up 30+year old muscle men and marrying 20+ year old women.

While they’re at it, rewrite history further, bring back John, Cassie, Colleen and Brad, saying he had to “Spirit” them all away because of the nazi threatened to kill them that they’ve been alive all this time in Germany. Ironic, eh? If anyone could make the craptastic storylines over the past 5 or 6 years forecefed to us, give us the whole hog and bring it full circle.

IMHO, Sharon and Nick belong together (between the two of them, they have 4 brain cells to rub together), Phyllis and Jack belong together (they both are only sufferable when paired together), Summer should be Big Red’s and Aunt Jacks, Faith belongs with Sharin and Nick, Nikki needs a spine and Victor needs whacked.

Such a wasted opportunity–would have been a great time to bring back Dru & see CK/Lily have a literal cow, plus giving Sharon a piece of her mind about her behavior; bring back Jill with some explosive news; Nikki slapping the smirk off Victor’s face. Wasted opportunity.

JUST all my opinion here and not stepping on toes, beliefs or whatever. Been sick of Y&R for the past five or six years or so.

By Brick ONeil

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  1. Apparently i’m the only one that loved Sharin’s takeover of Newman Enterprises and wished Victor had been killed for real. Nikki, Victoria, Nick, et al, need to get off their high horses, wipe Victor’s crap from their lips and start acting like individuals with lives of their own. I don’t agree she needs to go to jail–she should be given a medal for sticking it to the high and mighty Newmans and almost pulling it off. Does GC give medals of dishonor? LOL.

    Short of bringing Cassie back with a ‘dream sequence’ or coma that explains the past five or six years, I could stomach a medical trauma like the above mentioned brain tumor or a complete mental breakdown but disagree that she should be ‘saved’ by yet another man (past, present or future). She needs to put on her damn big girl panties and act her age. Physical age.

    Oh and I’ve never liked Saint Pristine Christeeen. I’m with Phyllis, I hate that bug. Even when she was a kid with Nina, she was holier-than-thou and the other actors (i’ve read) had to say how beautiful and what an epitomy of womanness and venusness Saint Cricket was as she twirled and fake smiled for the Jabot cameras. I was one that cheered Phyllis on when she was giving Cricket a hard time.

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