Monday Book Review: Let’s cook Healthy Eating

not in print,

From inside the cover:

healthy eating

This beautifully designed cookbook features hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes. Healthy Eating is a comprehensive guide to cooking healthy and wholesome foods and features a huge range of dishes that can be tasty, filling and occasionally low in fat too! With ideas for soups, starters, dinners and desserts, you’ll never be stuck for a healthy or fulfilling meal or snack.

My Review:

Written for a more European or Mediterranean audience, Healthy Eating by Let’s Cook is stock full of fruits de mer, or seafoods, pork, chicken and vegetarian dishes. They may be out of the budget of most Americans and may use ingredients that are unfamiliar.  That said, I found the recipes intriguing, healthy and varied.  One wouldn’t be bored with such festive and invigorating recipes from around the world!

I’ve bought a lot of different cookbooks and I see alot of the same recipes ad nauseum. Not so with this little compendium from Starfire.  It was the second cookbook I bought after my kidney transplant and my eyes were just bugging with excitement! If I had an unlimited food budget, I would start eating from this little book.

I give it four out of five starts, for such healthy recipes, using fresh ingredients but may be out of budget for most households.