Monday Book Review: 25 Marvelous Microwave Desserts

25 Marvelous Microwave Desserts - 25 Delicious Recipes Made Right in Your Microwave!


25 Marvelous Microwave Desserts – 25 Delicious Recipes Made Right in Your Microwave! by Cooking Penguin.

From the Amazon description:

You don’t have to be a domestic goddess in order to create delicious, decadent desserts – you don’t even need to have hours of spare time to devote to baking! Thanks to these easy microwave recipes you can create decadent dishes in minutes or less. Wow your family and friends with moist, chocolatey brownies and creamy chocolate brulees made with just a few simple ingredients and cooked in the microwave. Everyone will be so busy enjoying your desserts that they won’t even have time to ask you how you made them! These microwave recipes will be your little secret.

This book of microwave recipes includes a variety of desserts from traditional crowd-pleasers like peach cobbler and baked apples to single-serve recipes that you can enjoy on your own. Using your microwave it is possible to make single servings of rich chocolate cake or light fluffy sponge cake in just a few minutes’ time. If you have been looking for a quick and easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth without having an entire cake sitting around the house, these mug cakes are the perfect solution. Gone are the days when making heavenly desserts took up your whole day – thanks to these microwave recipes you can enjoy delicious recipes in a fraction of the time!

My Review:

This little ebook is aptly named!

There it was in the free section on the Amazon Kindle website.  Who can resist a  picture of cake?  The curiosity of the book captured my attention.  Baking in the microwave?  Cakes and desserts for one?   What sorcery is this?  I ‘thumbed’ through the ebook and was surprised at the ease of the recipes. They looked simple and delicious.  What could be easier?

One night I was in the mood for a small dessert, something chocolaty to go with watching some new episode of some paranormal show that was on.  I found “Chocolate Mug Cake” amongst the recipes as an add-on.  Following the directions, I prepared it for two: mix dry ingredients, mix wet and combine the two, pour into mugs and microwave for 2 minutes.  Well the recipe did not disappoint!  Whomever wrote and created this ebook deserves some sort of award!  Although the mugcake was too rich (there should be a warning!) it was delicious and hit the spot.  Try it with vanilla ice cream.  Heaven.

I would recommend this for singles, couples cutting down on calories and anyone just wanting a  bite of something sweet.

By Brick ONeil

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