Monday Book Review: Family Circle Step-by-Step Sensational Vegetable Recipes

Family Circle Step-by-Step Sensational Vegetable Recipes


From the Book’s description:

Everyone knows that vegetables are healthy and a necessary part of our daily diet.  But not everyone knows just how delicious they can be.  Sensational Vegetable Recipes shows  you how to make great main meals from vegetables, as well as side dishes and delectable snacks.  There’s also a chapter on quick one-step ways to cook ten of the most popular vegetables.  The clear step-by-step photographs guide you through each of the recipes, clearly explaining techniques that may be new to you.  And there is  practical advice on buying, storing and preparing vegetables, and ideas to let you take advantage of the great range of fresh and packaged produce available in markets today.

My Review:

I bought this book at my local Borders store in the bargain/clearance section years ago. What caught my attention was the bright colored vegetable dishes and the claim of step-by-step.  Since then, I”ve made many of the recipes, including a family favorite “Savory Fennel Crumble”, easy side dishes such as “Warm tomato and herb salad”, “Asparagus and snow pea salad”, Main dishes like “Vegetable lasagna”, “Vegetable Pie” and so on. I’ve even tried the sections on the most popular vegetables, carrots, onions and so on.

The recipes truly are easy, step-by-step, for anyone, from the novice home cook to the tried and true professional chef.  Falling somewhere in between, I found the recipes easy, delicious and crowd-pleasing. I’ve taken them to pot-luck dinners where everyone wants to know the recipe! They are made with common, every day ingredients, easily found in your hometown grocery store, the steps are not complicated. You may even win over your family’s picky eater!

I would recommend this vegetable cookbook to anyone looking for something fresh for the family dinner.  Even though it is no longer in print, there should be copies floating around the internet and used book stores.  Easily five stars.

By Brick ONeil

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