Happy Humpday Pic!

veggie vendor

Happy Humpday!  This was taken last November at Pike Place Market.  This is where we shop for the fresh foods for the recipes in my cookbooks. There is a meat vendor across the way that has fresh, all natural meats that taste totally different than supermarket meats.  Don’t know what the difference is but the meats and vegetables are great!

With those new years resolutions, start buying your food as close to natural and not modified foods from the supermarket.  In most areas of the country, there are year round veggie vendors, from local farmers, who use all natural remedies for pests, growth, etc.  Stock up on the basics, like onions, carrots, celery, us as a base for your meals and add other low-carb seasonal veggies to fill up the dish!

My motto has always been “never eat anything pre-made, boxed, bagged or canned if you can help it.”  Eat as close to nature and fewest processing possible.  I’m only human and I do like the canned tomatoes for a quick, healthy toss into salads, chillis and most any other dish. Frozen fresh veggies are good as well–they are flash frozen at their peak of growth, so you get all the healthy benefits without all the canned sodium and preservatives.

Enjoy the pic and your humpday!