Monday Book Review: The Art of Sign Language

The Art of Sign Language (Pocket Guide Series)

The Art of Sign Language by Christopher Brown


After I lost over 50% of my hearing in 2002 due to a genetic disease, Alports Syndrome, I found Christopher Brown’s “The Art of Sign Language” so my then husband and I could understand each other a bit better.  This is based on the concept of “Signed Exact English” and not “American Sign Language”.

I’m not good with new languages and didn’t have the patience  or time to learn a new conceptual language in addition to a new way of communicating.  What is brilliant about Mr. Brown’s books, is they use “Signed Exact English”, which follows the same rules of grammar as the English Language but uses ASL signs.

This would be for casual users of Sign Language or for more private conversations between friends or loved ones, not for professional Sign Language Interpreters.

Now that I have lost over 65% of my hearing and speech discrimination, I’m very grateful for Mr. Brown for creating and publishing this much easier way of using ASL signs for the common person.  The signs are easy to learn and a fast way for those of us with neither the talent for or capacity to learn such a complicated and time consuming language as ASL is. “The Art of Sign Language” is so easy to learn and use, I’ve bought copies for friends and family, so we can finally communicate together with ease.