Happy Humpday 3/6/2013


Saw this in a store window and thought the artist did a great job wit hit.  Very Alice-in-Wonderland meets Alice-in-Chains, lol. All seeing flower?  See the pom  poms at the tip of each petal? Thought those of you dealing with the snow and ice would like a bit of reminder of Spring.

Looking ahead (haha, get it?  the eyball?) to Spring, what projects do you have lined up?  They can be plans or projects on your house, on your job, a hobby. This spring i’m finishing up my short biography on my fight with Alport’s Syndrome and it’s affects in my life.

What else are you watching these days, besides winter getting overwith? Kids? Wife? Husband? Boss, workers or coworkers? Just watch yourself as well, take some time for some coffee to revamp those engines.