Humpday Pic: Seattle Flower Pot



Seattle Flower

This is the famous Seattle Flower Pot. The sculpture, called “Urban Garden,” was designed by local artist Ginny Ruffner, a 27-foot tall flowerpot at the Sheraton Hotel near the corner of 7th Ave. and Union Street.

To get this full size shot, I had to climb up the Seattle Convention Center’s down street location and peer between some pillars and powerlines.  This sculpture is just huge.  Standing beneath it, you feel like an inhabitant of Oz or some character from “Alice in Wonderland”. It rotates, moves and almost feels real. If it wasn’t 27 feet tall.

Sometimes life is larger than life, so full and wonderful that we wonder when the other shoe will drop.  When it does or when skies are cloudy, it helps to remember the big and beautiful, because they will come back. Bad times and cloudy skies are never permanent, they always dissipate and bring another sunny day, full of big and beautiful flowers.

Everyone goes through bad times but not everyone keeps the big and beautiful in the back in their mind, to remind them that everything is temporary, even the bad. Always keep an eye out for beauty, nature and the good. You don’t have to be a pollyanna, singing ‘you are my sunshine’ with a stupid grin on your face.  Just keep something positive and beautiful in a corner of your mind, that you can bring up, or go to, when those skies are gray.

By Brick ONeil

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